User Onboarding Academy

Every user deserves a great experience.

For most products, less than 5% of new users who sign up will become actively engaged. We created the User Onboarding Academy to help you—the builders, marketers, and user advocates—change this.

You'll learn how to better address your users' motivations and anxieties, drive users to take meaningful action, and get more users to understand the value of your product quicker.

If you want to delight new users and convert them into enthusiastic advocates: read on, my friend.

  • Lesson Zero

    Intro to User Onboarding

    What is onboarding and why is it so important for SaaS businesses?

  • Lesson One

    Finding Your WOW Moment

    Actionable strategies to identify your product's real value to customers.

  • Lesson Two

    Shortening Your Time to WOW

    Four techniques and examples to convince users quickly.

  • Lesson Three

    What to Measure

    Simple steps to find and track the health of your onboarding process.

  • Lesson Four

    Choosing the Right Pattern

    Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the three major product onboarding patterns.

  • Lesson Five

    Designing for Real Customers

    Overcoming the schism between a product's intended and actual experience.

  • Lesson Six

    The Three Sources of Motivation

    Learn how to "spend" user motivation on activation and viral growth.

  • Lesson Seven

    Onboarding with Email

    Strategies for engaging users without flooding their inbox.

  • Lesson Eight

    Onboarding New Users

    Communicating value in the first 90 seconds.

  • Lesson Nine

    Onboarding Existing Users

    Share new features with customers at the right time and in the right way.

  • Lesson Ten

    Getting Customer Insights with User Tests

    Test your hypothesis with real users before you actually build.

  • Lesson Eleven

    Mapping your User Journey

    Deliver value quicker by knowing what your users want to accomplish.

  • Lesson Twelve

    Leveraging User Psychology, Part One

    Tap into scientific research to influence user behaviors.

  • Lesson Thirteen

    Leveraging User Psychology, Part Two

    Plan each step in your customer's journey from newbie to power user.

  • Lesson Fourteen

    Supercharging Desire

    What software designers can learn from Las Vegas casino bosses.

  • Lesson Fifteen

    4 Copywriting Principles that will Make New Users Like You

    Build enthusiasm and relieve user anxieties.

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  • Lesson Thirteen

    The Growth Timeline

    Plan each step in your customer's journey from newbie to power user.

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